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We would not be liable for any loss that has occurred while using the site. Products that have been sold on this website is subjected to local law which is governing all the sales process. We request the customers to carefully go through the contents of our website including the disclaimer, privacy policy. The contents or information regarding the products might change from time to time. So the customers are requested to refer our terms and conditions to keep yourselves updated. By using our website, it means you adhere to the conditions we have framed.

Though the medication that we offer is authentic, we still would not be in an answerable state for any issues that happen to you. Only those who are over 18 years of age are supposed to use our online pharmacy.

Levitra medication that we offer is only for men and if you are a woman or a child who still gets the pills from us then we would not take any responsibility for this action. Those who are not interested in following our terms and conditions have to stop using our site as that is the only way in which you would adhere to the terms.

Terms and conditions might vary from time to time. People should keep themselves updated and we would not send any email regarding the change in the condition. The information that is kept in the site is safe and secure. We do not practice any exchange of our customer’s details with third parties. Our experts would take every measure to protect it.

It is essential that you share only genuine details to us. You have to re-confirm the address that is mentioned in the sheet before ordering the medication. This would avoid reshipping and be paying an extra delivery charge.

The dosage of medication that you take should be appropriate. We would not be responsible if you are going to take higher doses or misuse the drug. In case, the court asks us to provide any information about a customer, we have no other option rather than following their order. This is applicable for all the customers no matter how regularly they procure pills from the site.

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As we allow external links on our website, such contents are owned by third parties. Therefore, copyrights of such contents would belong to third parties. Users must refrain from modifying, copying or transferring such contents as that would be an offense.

Accuracy of information has taken all the necessary steps to provide accurate information to its users. Information includes prices, specifications and other details regarding the product. Therefore, all the information you will find on our website is genuine.

General terms of use

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The scope of an agreement

The terms and conditions in this website has been framed as a contract between users and As per law, some of the terms and conditions might become invalid over a period of time.