Shipping Options provides various shipping options to the customers so that they can get this erectile dysfunction medication on time. It is sure that there might be any situation in which a person would need the Levitra medication immediately. We are there to satisfy the needs of a buyer.

While ordering the drug, you can choose the suitable delivery service depending on how quick you want to get the pills. Whichever shipping option you choose, it is possible that people would get the medication without any damage as it would be well-packed and it would contain discreet labels on it.

There are so many shipping companies associated with us and some of them are mentioned below:

  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • DHL
  • Regular Airmail

People who have chosen FedEx can get the Levitra pills delivered within one to two business days. DHL Company can get your medication transported within one to five days. In the case of USPS, it would take upto seven to sixteen business days for you to get the parcel. Individuals those who choose regular Airmail can get it within fourteen to twenty one business days.

Different delivery options are available in terms of duration. Our online pharmacy offers a normal delivery and expresses delivery. If you opt for express delivery, we will deliver your package within a few hours of ordering.

Some of the services we offer are:

Medication Name Estimated Time Delivery Type Shipping Cost
Levitra (Brand) (2-3) weeks Normal Shipping $ 40
Levitra (Brand) (1-2) weeks Express Shipping $ 80 (Best Deal)
Vardenafil (Generic) (2-3) weeks Normal Shipping $ 30
Vardenafil (Generic) (1-2) weeks Express Shipping Contact us


This site would offer Levitra to almost all the countries in the world. So, while placing the order, you should be the one who has to choose the shipping service and the delivery period. The rate and the date for the shipping would vary according to the location provided. If the order is made in the weekend, it would only be processed in the next working day. So the date of delivery would vary accordingly.

In addition to this, the order is considered only after the payment is made for the medication. If you have any queries related to the shipment, you can contact our friendly customer care at any point of time and clarify your questions.

With caring and dedicated employees all around the world, we make sure our customers are happy and comfortable with our service. We consider customer satisfaction as our biggest asset and strive to improve it more and more in the years to come.