Top 10 FAQ’s About Levitra Plus?

1. What is Levitra plus?

Levitra plus is an erectile dysfunction medication that is designed for certain men who find it difficult to get and maintain an erection. This drug contains Vardenafil as the active ingredient in it.

2. What is the price of Levitra Plus?

On average, it is possible for you to buy Levitra medication for $2 per tablet in an online pharmacy. People who are getting more number of pills can also bag a great deal in which they would be paying $1 approximately for the single tablet.

3. Will the insurance company cover the cost of Levitra plus?

It depends on your insurance company. However, most of the insurance companies would not cover the cost of the pill ED. The main reason is that it is an erectile dysfunction medication. These companies believe that impotence is not a serious health issue although it has to be treated soon in reality.

4. How Levitra plus works?

When the ED pill is popped, the active ingredient Vardenafil would get absorbed into the bloodstream. After this, the muscles around the genital area get relaxed and there will be a sudden increase in the blood level to the penis. Due to the pressure that is created, an erection would occur. There will be a continuous flow of blood till the required period of time. These activities can happen only when the person is sexually stimulated.

5. Do you need aprescription for Levitra plus?

Yes, a prescription for Levitra plus is required. It might not be safe for everyone to take the pills without a medical script. It can be due to certain medical ailments or allergic reactions. When a consultation with a medico is made, individuals who fall under this category can be safe by avoiding the medication.

6. Do you get affected by ill effects while taking this medicine?

There are chances that a person would get affected by various ill effects while taking Levitra plus drug. It can be mild to severe. Some men do not experience any side effect at all. So, it all depends on one person to another.

7. Should this medication be combined with other drugs during the treatment?

No, you are not supposed to combine this medication with other drugs, especially with other ED pills. Taking a single tablet of Levitra plus will be more than enough for your treatment.

8. How to take the medicine?

The ED medication is supposed to be taken by mouth with a glass of water. It is very important that the tablet has to be taken as a whole. A person should not crush, chew or break the medication. This would not provide proper effectiveness in your body.

9. What isthe available dosage of Levitra plus?

It is available only in single dosage strength and that is 400mg. However, if it is too high for a person then a healthcare professional would tell to take half the tablet.

10. What are the precautions to be taken while inthe treatment with ED medication?

  • Alcohol consumption should be avoided. It is also not safe to take grapefruit or its juice along with this medicine.
  • Take certain necessary birth control measures as this drug would not prevent pregnancy.
  • The impotency medication will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Consume only a single pill in a period of 24 hours and not more than that.
  • Only when you are in need of indulging in the sexual activity, you are supposed to take the medication Levitra plusat least one hour prior to it.