Super Levitra

Super Levitra

Brand Name: Levitra

Payment: VISA, MC

RX: Not Needed.

Where to buy Super Levitra online?

Product Description

Super Levitra is an erectile dysfunction medication which contains active ingredients such as Vardenafil and Dapoxetine.

Important Data

It would be beneficial only to those who can be sexually aroused. When a man has a libido, the nitric oxide is released in the body which triggers the medication. This variant would relax the blood vessels that is present in the penile area thus increases the amount of blood that would flow through it. During this activity, pressure thus formed would cause an erection that would only fade away after achieving an orgasm.

It is important to take Super Levitra one hour prior to indulging in a sexual activity. The medication can be taken with or without a meal and it is purely dependent upon the wish of the person.

However, a light meal is advisable as this would not delay the medication from absorbing into the bloodstream.

Dosage strength

It is available in the dosage strength of 80mg. Older men, people who are affected by heart ailments, or prostate problems can start the medication with a lower dose. Not only these individuals, there are some cases at which they should only start taking Super Levitra with lower dosage strength. Consulting with a healthcare professional would provide you with a clear idea.

It is essential to find the right dosage strength for the body because this is the only way to get maximum benefit from the medication.


  • It is not a drug to address the sexual issues of a woman. Children who are below 18 years of age are not supposed to take this medication.
  • Grapefruit and alcohol should be avoided during the treatment with the drug.
  • This medication should be taken only by men who are suffering from impotence condition and not for any recreational usage.
  • Keep the Super Levitra pills in an airtight container away from excess heat, and moisture.
  • Check the expiry date of the medication in the blister pack before taking the pills. If it is expired, it is important to dispose of properly as mentioned in the leaflet.
  • Keep the pills away from children and pets. Have a count on the medication to avoid others from misusing your pills.


Drug interactions are very common and that the only way to avoid this is to check with the doctor before taking any other medication.

Some of the drugs that might interact with this medication are other ED drugs, antifungal medications, antibiotics, HIV pills, heart rhythm tablets, Prostate disorder pills and high blood pressure medications.

When the drug interaction happens, it would cause various side effects in a person.

Ill effects

Some of the most common ill effects are headache, dizziness, back pain, stomach upset, flushing, and stuffy nose. Few severe side effects are improper heart rate, seizures, priapism, swelling in the hands or feet, shortness of breath and ringing in the ears.

Some side effects would fade away in minutes but if you are experiencing it persistently then it is essential to get a quick help from a doctor.

What are the advantages of buying Super Levitra without prescription?

The major advantages of buying this pill without prescription are the amount of time and money saved. Getting a drug prescribed typically costs a lot and can be a bit of a burden for cash-paying customers. Since you would not have to take any efforts to visit the doctor in person, you will save a lot of money as well. Yet another important benefit is that of being able to buy the ED drug without worrying about your privacy regarding the erectile issue. No one would really get to know about your condition and you can take the medication without any such worries.

Ways to get Super Levitra overnight delivery

Super Levitra overnight delivery is possible when you choose a reliable online pharmacy to place the order. There are a few simple ways through which you can obtain the ED medication with next day delivery. One is to select the preferred express shipping carrier at the time of placing the order. You can also check with the chosen online drugstore if they have options to accommodate overnight delivery like nearby locations or closest distribution centers that can deliver to you in the estimated time frame.